So who are the faces behind The Training Well?


The Training Well has been formed by the joining together of two long-established and well-matched companies.  Knowledgewise is an education and training consultancy and Well Drawn Productions produces videos and e-learning materials.  The two companies have been collaborating in producing educational programmes for over 15 years so the decision to make the relationship more formal was not hard to take.

The company is headed up by two directors, one from each parent.

Hugh Garai

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Hugh is a skilled and respected instructional designer, content author, developer and editor of e-learning and open learning materials across a wide range of fields including technical and 'soft-skills' areas. Highly self-motivated and successful in seeing tasks through to their completion, he works effectively both in teams and solo.

In the last 20 years Hugh has worked as an instructional designer and project manager on many large projects for a range of clients including blue-chip commercial organisations as well as a number of professional institutes involved with the design, development and publication of qualification materials for their students. Hugh is the author of the Gower Management Handbook Managing Information and has written a number of journal articles on a variety of subjects.

Charles Huff

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Charles has worked extensively in the television production, media creation and training fields.  At the BBC he started as an editor and ended as a series producer in the Science Department.  Many of the programmes he worked on and produced such as Tomorrow’s World and QED involved explaining often complex topics in clear and easy to understand ways.  He found he had a natural bent for this and soon the BBC Staff Training Department asked him to help run training courses for them.  While at the BBC he was twice nominated for British Academy (BAFTA) awards.

Since leaving the BBC and starting up his own company he has specialised in making programmes in the Continuing Professional Development field.  He was an early creator and user of multimedia and is now as skilled in designing and programming complex E-learning programmes as he is at producing, directing and editing video programmes.  His programmes often consist of a mixture of specially-shot video and HTML5 or Flash® and are SCORM compliant.  Both Edexcel and the Learning and Skills Network have endorsed his programmes.

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